Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chicken Soup For The Vegetarian Soul

Yesterday night I was caught in a dilemma. Not a mathematical dilemma (i.e. a lemma that proves two results), but a moral one. I would have prefered to call it confusion, but its fashionable to refer things as dilemma.

Anyway, the point was that Ankit Sinha, my wingmate, had asked me to invite him for eating Maggi whenever I cook next as he was not satisfied with the Carlos' Vegetable Atta Maggi preparation. Now since I didn't reply then, it was understood that silence is accent.

But this was unacceptable for me. How can I share my beloved Atta Maggi with anyone. The pack is carefully made to satisfy the hunger and taste of just one individual. Sharing any part of it would mean deviating from salvation. So I had to find a way out.

I looked at my armory. The only hope for me was the Knorr Chicken Soup Powder, the only thing I could have made that day without having the guilt of not inviting him for a feast. For those still confused, he is a vegetarian. But I desparately wanted to eat Maggi. I came up with a solution that was the most hypocritical meal I ever ate.

In water enough to cook one pack of Vegetable Atta Maggi, I added a spoonful of the soup powder. Then I went ahead with making the preparation as I would have usually done. And to my surprise, it was a good decision. The Maggi tasted better than before. And I have decided to stick to this recipe from now on.

Ankit Sinha nikat nahi aave,
chicken soup jab maggi mein aave.

And why not, maybe later I will do reverse engineering. Again, don't go by my verbal meaning. What I mean to say is that I will add a few strands of Maggi into the chicken soup and find out if it tastes any better.

Note: One piece of advice for starters. Start with more water. I ended up drying my Maggi due to the presence of Soup powder.



wish i cud fwd this post to the guy, hungry lives the soul which trusts ambuj :P

nj said...

it tastes heavenly with tomato soup powder n yea if u'll put green chillies while will double ur pleasure ;P