Monday, January 16, 2006

Amogh Ra Got A Job Danieli. And he would be getting quite a handsome money for it.

But this is not the reason why this post is written, as there are many more in our wing who got even better paying job.

The story is that Amogh went to Sonar Bangla in Kolkata for the interview. While he was still there, the news of his selection reached us and we were delighted. Amiruddin was also overwhelmed by Amogh's selection that he replaced Amogh's Nameplate with this one.

When Amogh came back, he immediately concluded that this was done by Amiru. Not only because he recognized his handwriting, but also because Amiru wrote his own room number 'B-214' on it. Amogh lives in B-213. It was also apparent as he misspelt 'Danieli'.

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