Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Time To Format The System

I have been very busy for the last few days. Mostly I have been occupied with my department's society's work, which I will document in the days to come.
What had been keeping me busy for the rest of the time is my room. For the last 3 days, I have turned by room inside out, rearraning or trashing almost everything. Starting with the books (see the image) to even my coins(below)! I found out that I had more coins than ever expected. But I am in no mood to share my spoils with others. I know from experience that soon they will become objects of rarity. Anyway, I have already traded many of them with my Numimatist uncle.
While I was rearranging my room, I decided that I should also fix my Name Plate that had been placed since the beginning of this semester. I already had one but they removed it so that it looked uniformly dirty throughout the hall. Apparently, they just alloted the work to be done by a staff without consulting the size of the slots. Almost all the slots I saw were misfits. I had to struggle hard to fix mine. I also decided that it was time to paste my 'happening' name plate; the one I got from GE. Unfortunately the glue-stick disappointed me as it was unable to hold the plastic to the wooden door.

Now I have decided to do what I have done with my room to my computer. Norton Antivirus 2005 sucks. I had made my system so slow that my mind often went back to the times I ran a 75 MHz processor. Adding to my worries is my Windows XP OS, which has this peculiar habit of bloating itself some 1 GB every year even though I don't install any new softwares in my Windows drive. Will be doing a lot of work in the next few days, so postings will be infrequent (as though they were frequent now).

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