Sunday, April 10, 2005

Google Whack!

The last week had been very hectic. I couldn't even write a blog since the past 5 days even though I so much wanted to.

The reason is, I watched David Gorman's Google Whack Adventures and can't help myself expressing my comments on it. For those who haven't seen it, I would suggest that you do and stop reading ahead as you will kill the suspense.

The story is based upon a true(well, he claimed it) story of David Gorman who embarked upon a journey through the countries meeting Google Whackers. Here are me reflections and comments on the story....

1) He claims that the story is true based upon the authenticity of tatoo he has on his arm, his boarding passes and his photographs in the various towns with significant people and places. I must say, to have a false story with all these proofs is a very tough job.

2) The accounts I found on different people's website he met seem to confirm his account of the story. This again is very difficult.

3) But what surprises me most is the fact that he never seemed to be stranded for Visa! The New Year day he talks about, he got drunk and found himself in Washington. Hey, you need to have a Visa to cross the border. Morover as he got drunk late in the night, how can you expect him to get the Visa then? Also when he was going to Sydney, we again seem to see that he left U.S.A. within a day of deciding to go to Sydney. If anyone of you can understand how do you get Visa late in the night, and when you are drunk, and when you want it immediately!

4) Another funny thing I observed that all the Google Whacks he mentioned in the show are no more Google Whacks. Apparently, the story is of 2001, and since then so many people have written about this show that the word that he found first (Dork Turnspit) now has over 181 results, and the one that led him to the other David Gorman (Unscrupless Superegos) results in 122 pages.

After watching the movie, two of my friends began their Google Whack Adventures by finding Google Whacks. One of them (Jena parthasarathi) has found 4 until now, while Debabrata Pani has found 5.

This reminds me that yesterday, Debabrata Pani wrote me a very flattering testimonial for my Orkut Profile. I think I can forgive him for misquoting my IQ as 148 when its 149. God....I really miss it. The website said that 150 onwards is genius. I became really frustrated when I saw that missing (+1).

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