Monday, April 04, 2005

Reunion C/O PGDIT

Throughout saturday (2nd April), I was expecting Pragya and Sarika to turn up any time, but I was disappointed. At snacks time, I got a call from Pragya that she along with her friends are coming from the night train and will be reaching Kharagpur bu 3am in the night. The train was right time and they had to spend the night on the railway station but managed to find a place to sleep and get fresh for the morning. They came to RP Hall by about qaurter to eight and upon enquiring them I found that they still haven't eaten their breakfast. When I asked them to proceed for breakfast, they told me that they are waiting for one of their seniors (Samir Sathpathy) who is currently doing his MTech from IIT Kharagpur. They were 4 people, Sarika, Pragya, another Pragya (Shrivastava) and one of their batchmate. After he arrived, they along with Anirban Sinha and Prasoon Kumar proceeded for Harry's for breakfast. I decided to eat my breakfast in the mess itself as I know that Harry's serves no good and on top of that I had filled too many things for sunday breakfast.

After breakfast, I informed Suman that they have come, and proceeded to Harry's to join them. The breakfast came very late and was horrible in taste. Although I didn't eat it, I deduced it from their expressions. After breakfast they had coffee and then we proceeded to main building to find out the venue for the test. It was supposed to be held in F-127, to our relief as we were apprehensive that if it were in Vikramshila or some other place, we would have to go back a long distance. After bidding they bye for the manwhile and wishing luck for the test, we came back. I went back at 12 (when the exam was scheduled to get over) and found that Anirban Ghosh waiting for them already. He told me that Anirban Sinha told this to him and he's come to meet them. They refused to say anything on their performance, but on pressing told that it was upto their satisfaction. we had to wait again for their senior and Anirban Sinha, after which we took them to a brief walk to the Central Library. Later we proceeded for lunch at Sahara. The food was OK and we decided to stick to vegetarian menu as all the girls were vegetarians. After the lunch, they all proceeded to spend the rest of their afternoon at their senior's room in JCB Hall (B-212). I came back to my Hall to enjoyed my long missed siesta.

While we were coming back from Sahara, the news went out that Gymkhana Election results are out and the RP Hall pact has been defetaed. Arindam Mukherjee was to be our new VP. We found him on our way back and congratulated him. He was accompanied by a procession that was giving a loud tempo shout.

I joined the Pragya & co. later in the day when they came to my room at about quarter to 7 in the evening. I learnt that they spent their day at the senior's room and later were joined by another senior who came from Kolkata to meet them. They were also introduced to Pankaj Uike who is another student from Bilaspur.

Fortunately or unfortunately only Pragya, Sarika and Anirban came to my room while the others remained at Bidhan Chowk to arrange for the return conveyance. I offered my guests Maggi which they gladly accepted. I also had my Slam Book filled by Pragya. Later we went to Suman's, Anirban's and Prasoon's room for a brief period. Then we all went to Bidhan Chowk for joining others and having dinner.

We found that they were sort of harrasing the poor girl (Pragya Shrivastava) by asking uncomfortable questions like their choice of bride and her choice of groom. We stayed there till 8:30pm after which we proceeded to Little Sisters for dinner.

At LS, we decided to have a feast and even Non-veg dishes were ordered. The dinner was good and later we came back to RP to catch the Taxi that was waiting.

On our way back, I came to know that Sarika isn't much interested in joining the PGDIT programme as it is a diploma course and not a degree course. She's keeping it as a last resort if she is unable to find anything better.

The other Pragya (Shrivastava) wanted to meet my brother and I wondered how Ankur would feel if I tell him that some strangers (to him) want to meet him. She also requested me to sing the "2441139" song which I promptly refused saying that I will sing it for her if she clears this exam and comes to IIT Kharagpur for the next year. Her voice was still child-like and it reminded me of Rahul Pal, who also has child-like voice.

They went to the station by around 10:15pm to catch Azad Hind which was due to leave at 11pm. I came back to my room to sleep after another tough day.

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