Monday, April 11, 2005

Prince Charming and The Cinderella Story

One more thing happened in the weekend that I didn't mention in my previous blog. WickC told me that he has written a couple of more blog entries. What a relief! I have been waiting to read more news of his life and he hadn't written any since last one month. Somehow, I feel that his life is pretty more colourful than the rest of us. And WickC lived to my expectation.

On opening his blog, I found that he had written about his journey to Ranchi and back in the two blogs. The going part was OK, but what I read in the second one caught my eye. He wrote about a girl he saw in the train journey who was sitting opposite him. And he fell in love with her attributing to the scenic beauty of the surrounding with her own beauty. But alas, he couldn't talk to her as she was with her family. Poor WickC.

But what surprises me more is that how can WickC manage to find his muse ever so frequently. He has told me of the million stories of how he fell in love again and again with different girls, latest being this. His life seems to be in line with Lord Krishna. But sadly for him, this wasn't to be his gopi. While he had the previlege of having many in his school days, his love has been one sided in his whole affair of IITKGP. WickC must be feeling like Prince Charming looking for his long lost Cinderella by thinking about every girl and wondering : "Kahin yeh woh to nahi!!!"

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I-Said-It said...

nice yaar ...nothing offending
everything is perfect ...Hmmm actually i m not searching 4 gopis but i am rite now in search of Radha ....radha k bina hai shyam adha ....lets see kab pura hota hai .....