Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Just another day at JFWTC

This is how I would describe my typical day during my stay at Bangalore, a description of a weekday at work.

I woke up at 8am and got ready for going to JFWTC (GE). By the time I left, Vikas was already up, though sleepy-eyed. I reached the Whitefield bus stop by 8:45am and had to wait for approximately 5 minutes for a bus to Agrahara Gate, skipping 2 buses (a bus and a mini-bus) which were going to Kadagudi. I got on just in time as there were only 3 seats available and I was the second one to board the bus. The journey cost me 4 rupees. I had to walk from Agrahara Gate to ITPL Back Gate, a distance of approximately 200 metres. There again I had to wait for 5 minutes to get another bus to Vydehi Circle. This journey costs 2 rupees. I reached GE at about 9:15 am and had Masala Dosa for breakfast. It was necessary for me to eat as I desperately needed to get change of my Rs. 100 note.

Reaching my desk, I spent the next half an hour checking my mails. In the meanwhile I cursed IITKGP webmail for displaying those unnecessary "Disk Space Usage" that served no good and just made the process slow. There was a mail from Suman regarding his proposed Bangalore visit and about those boring gossip parties that he had to attend. Maintenance Systems had sent a mail that mentioned not working of e-mail sever during some time period in Sunday.

Then I started to do my work. As I had already finished my literature survey and made a word document with all the things added, I was just selecting the relevent portions to be added to the presentation. This went on till lunch time when at around 12:45pm the group decided to go for lunch. The food was like any other day's. All the four caterers, i.e. Griddle - I, Griddle - III, Harsha and Harsha - I served south indian dishes. Out of about a dozen dishes, I had no idea what 8 of them meant. The ones I knew included Plain Rice, Nimbu Pani, Dal Makhani and wow.....Chana Masala in Griddle - III.......lets eat there today.

After the lunch, we went back to our desks and re-checked our mailboxes. After another similar session and a few Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, I opened my work yet again. At around quarter to three, our manager, Mr. D. Uma Maheshwar came and told that he is planning to give me a slot of half an hour in the Friday's team meeting to present my work.

As soon as he left to his desk, I decided to go and play billiards in the recreation room. I had to wait for about 10 minutes before I could join a table. I played doubles with a GE employee and the opponents were IITM guys. "These guys don't seem to have any work. Whenever you visit the recreation room, you will find the lot there", I thought. I had moderate luck today. I won three of the four games played, but was unsatisfied as I missed a couple of easy shots as the stick I had was a lighter one.

I returned back to my desk at around 4pm. I continued the decoration of the presentation and things went on quite eventlessly till 6pm when we went for snacks. I preferrered Veg. Sandwich for snacks over Bonda Soup.

After snacks, I went back to my desk and started my journey back to Whitefield at around 6:45pm. Vivek and Sauvik told that they plan to stay back as Vivek had to go to the gym and Sauvik had to do documentation work. As I was coming back, I could see the clouds gathering that meant another rainfall in the coming one hour.

I got connecting buses from Vydehi to O-Form to Whitefield and was in my room by about 5 minutes past 7. I rested till 8pm when I went for dinner at Mayuri Sagar. I had Egg Curry with 5 Rotis. By the time I was done, the rain had started. All the others were back at around 10:15pm after having their dinner. I always went to eat earlier as at 8pm, I had choice of more dishes as well the serving was quick. If I were to go at 10pm, most of the good dishes will get finished and I would have to fill my stomach with what's available. Also it would take a lot more time.

I went to sleep at around 11:30pm after having another Bhaat session with the group.

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