Monday, July 25, 2005

Trip to Indore

A bit bored with the usual routine of life, I and Ankur decided to go to Indore for a couple of days. It was decided that we go on 11th morning and return on 12th night. As Akshat was busy with his training at Lupin Chemicals, he expressed his inability to come.

We set off at around 8 am and reached by about 1pm. We went directly to Kashyap's house to stay there. After spending considerable time there, we called up Shaunak and decided to go to his place. After bhatting for some more time, we went to Supriya's residence, from where we were escorted to SGSITS College. I had seen the college just once before in my life, so the escort was necessary. There we met many more people. They included Shainesh Baheti, Babu Priyavrat, etc. We intended to meet Mohil Khare and Sulabh Jain also, but they weren't there. Ankur surprised Baachu by calling him from his sister's (Deepti Jain) mobile phone. But as he was sleeping, the dose wasn't that strong.

Then we went to Buddy's Cafe where we also met Charles and Aadil. Later we went back to Kashyap's place to sleep. The next day, we decided to go to a movie but as there wasn't any worth watching as well as unwatched by everyone else, the idea was dropped. We went to Chhappan Dukan with Kashyap and Shaunak and had our lunch there. After that we planned to go back to Bhopal. But Ankur also had plans to meet Urvashi before leaving. So, on way to the Bus Stand, we stopped at Celebrations to have coffee with her. Then we took another bus to get back home.

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