Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away....And Come Agin After I Get My Umberella

Just back after a long weekend. Hoped it would never end. But bad times go and good time come. So tomorrow I will have to compulsarily wake up in the morning, have breakfast, bath and head for my classes.

Would any one of you believe that I wished that my last semester's result go bad! Surprising isn't it. But makes some sense to me. In the whole last semester, I had studied very little. Ask any friend of mine and surely they would say that whenever they came to visit me, I would be engrossed in my game of Pocket Tanks (a computer game for kids 3~10, but I am nuts about it). So with this, I expected to get a bad grade, open my eyes to reality and start studying again. But now, with such good grades, who wants to study more. Equipped with my knowledge of "Law of Diminishing Returns" (courtesy the 3rd semester Economics course), I know that studying any harder won't help much. So I am off to chasing my dream hobbies. But this semester, I find its Blogging (both reading and writing). I have just spent the last 4 hours reading the blogs and now, I am off writing mine (currently busy so : Do Not Disturb).

What surprises me most is that Pocket Tanks is no longer my game. I swear I tried it this semester also, but things won't just work the way they did the last semester. I find it hard even to play a single game, while the last semester wouldn't stop me from playing a dozen before saying:"Now this one's my last".

What more happened today is that I have started to go for swimming. And I am exactly where I was. Shaunak gave me a few more tips, but I assume that he assumed that I already knew swimming and I find myself incapable of even achieving the posture suggested, let alone the strokes.

And what happened more is that I have misplaced (I feel ashamed to admit that I might have lost!) my umbrella. And God isn't as much kind to me as Murphy is. You all guessed right. It rained while I was going to swimming. I and Suman decided to stop under a tree and wait for it to stop. But our guts had a different feeling - that it won't stop soon. And anyway, the angle of the rains was so oblique that the tree was no good. If you are surprised to find that eventually going to swim, so why care, I would admit that your worries are not unfounded, but given the past I sit upon I knew the better decision. Last year I did as you might be thinking and it wasn't much problem till I came out of the pool, dried myself and tried to wore that T-shirt.

For the first time in my life, I hated my own smell. The dried sweat when combines with a complete soaking doesn't cater to any olefactory whims. Anyway, a lesson learned the hard way.

So here was I again after my hopeless stint all set to wear that T-shirt. And well, psychology helps. Being prepared for much worse, I realized that it didn't smell that much and that I haven't sweated it in the first hand. So I came back home and had to immediately switch over to a back-up dress since I was programmed to do so by my parents.

Time came to go to the market. And to tell you, Dr. Murphy is very mean. It rained again and I had a hard time recollecting where I could have lost my pretty old umbrella. What was the last time I saw it.....hmm, looks like it was the Thermodynamics lab where I put it on the chair and then forgot about it.Well, let's check my theories tomorrow. I am more eager to see this theory through than any other theory I ever wrote in any exam.

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NCSH said...

Cheers from Michigan.
I was lucky enough to stumble on your Humor blog last week.
The pocket tanks thing is crazy but true. I spent countless hours on a similar dumb game last year that I played at work (at risk of being caught) but I couldn't get enough of it. Now it just seems stupid. It was a flash game called Gold Strike. What the hell was I thikning???

Take Care