Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What a tough time...

The week starting Thursday, the 14th of April was a nightmare. There was almost one test everyday.

Starting Thursday, we had the Casting Forming and Welding Class Test. It was as vague as can be. For the first time, I didn't knew the answers to even 50% of the questions. And for the first time, I was sitting in my chair till the last second, hoping a thought will strike home. But I did miserably, only respite being that everyone was miserable.

On Friday, we had our casting Viva. There was not much to prepare. Only three experiments: M/C Study, Riser Design and AFS Sand Testing. I was well prepared for the test and it went well. Prof. G.L. Dutta took the interview and asked questions that included the considerations for Riser Design, significance of AFS Grain Fineness Number, need to shake sand for 15mins, and need to take cumulative weightage. I felt that my test was good owing to the factor that before me, Amit Prakash, Sakya Acharya, Atanu Basak and Aniruddha Mishra went, who are not much serious about studies. He must have been prepared to have a similar student, only to find me. After asking me about 4 easy questions, expecting me to falter (which I didn't), he realized that he should raise the level of questions. But it was too late. He could ask me one more question, and he asked the Cumulative percent one. I gave a more or less satisfactory answer, and my interview was over. I was delighted. But if the theory was correct, it predicted disaster for Suman, and unfortunately, it did!

On entering, he found himself on the receiving end with Professor expressing unhappiness over his thin Lab Report. He enquired:

"Is this the work of just one night?"

My God, he's experienced. Very rarely does Suman postpone his work to the last moment, and it was to be the occasion when it was observed at a very wrong occasion. Next, he was prepared with some tough questions. He started by asking the significance of 'a', 'b' and 'c' in the Caines' formula. He was clueless. Although he knew the values of all the coefficients for all the cases, he couldn't explain the significance of either of them. I believe that this was the most difficult question that could have been asked, as nobody knew the answer to it. Poor Suman. Although in the rest part he did satisfactorily well, he wasn't much happy and it is understandable.

Next, on Saturday, we had the Refrigeration Class Test. It had three questions, of which I solved the second and third, but got stuck in the first. The first problem had a Refrigeration system with Q_e and COP supplied and I had to estimate on the condenser performance. I was clueless. After the exam, Suman told me it required use of the relation. Q_c=Q_e+W.

Oh God! I even forgot this basic equation. Only god could have helped me then. I had been such a fool.

Sunday was an off day (fortunately), but the unfortunate part was that on Monday we had Hydraulics Lab Test. A Biomech Test was also schedules, but being an institute holiday, we knew it would be postponed to the next working day.

On Monday, we got up peacefully, to celebrate (actually by Suman alone) Ram Navmi. I had a good breakfast, a long bath and started waiting for the lunch-hour to go and have my grub. But a surprise awaited me. Vikas came at around 11:45am and asked me why I haven't turned up for the Biomechanics test. I was shocked. Wasn't it supposed to be postponed as it was an institute holiday? But it was not a time to argue. Suman had yet not returned from his morning Puja and the time was running out. Vikas told that if I go fast enough, I might catch Professor Dhang before he left, and maybe he will take compensatory test. I tried calling Suman, but he had left his mobile phone in his room. So I took my copies and pen (as it was an open book test), and rushed to Civil Department. On reaching there I found that the test was indeed over and Prof. Dhang had left. Dibyendy Konar was searching frantically for him as he had failed to submit his answer-script to him. Apparently, unable to complete the test on time, he asked for a minute's time to complete. But Professor Dhang left the department immediately after the test and he was left with his unsubmitted answer-script!

I immediately came back to my hall and called his home; He hadn't returned. I was left with no option but to leave everything to the fate and proceed to lunch. After lunch, I waited for Suman to come so that we can decide our future strategies.

He came around 1:30pm. He was visibly nervous and panicking. Vikas left a note explaining what had happened on that morning and many of our wing mates had read it. They found Suman in the mess and informed him about his missed exam. He too, like me, had never bunked any exam, so it was a real shock. He couldn't eat well and rushed to meet me. We decided to call Prof. Dhang again, and were dejected to find his perennial absence from office as well as home. Eventually, we decided to write him an E-mail, explaining why we missed the test, and requesting him to take a re-test on Tuesday, and proceeded for yet another test, the Hydraulics Lab Test. We didn't get any reply till late night. Suman contacted Dibyendy Konar and found out that Prof. Dhang had been to JEE cell to do some work, and had been there since then the rest of the day.

Next morning, we attended our early morning DOME class, and after it, went to meet Prof. Dhang. He wasn't there even then. Coming back to our room, we found out that Prof. Dhang has mailed us that we should meet him in the afternoon, 2:30pm. So finally our attempts to contact him had succeeded. We had another test in the evening (6pm) of Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning Lab, so we were not sure whether to study for it just then or not. But in any case, we didn't get any time for it as we had another class from 11:30 to 12:30. We went to meet Prof. Dhang at 2:30 exact to find that he's not there.

Just then, I saw Prof. R. Karmakar coming in his scooty. He immediately asked me to submit the project, as Tuesday was the last day. I had completed it long back, but he himself had been reluctant to meet. So anyway, I had to go with him, foregoing the possibility of Biomech test. I asked him whether he'll be free to see the software, and he replied that he will be not (as usual). I immediately got my Project Report signed by him and went to the office to submit it.

On my way I met Suman who said that Prof. Dhang has come! I hurried with the submission and then we went to him for instructions. He told us to sit down and first tried to corner us by saying that we haven't read the holiday notice as it clearly stated that all the classes and tests will be held as usual. We told him that there wasn't any such notice in our department, as we actually hadn't seen it (Later, actually, Aditya told us that there was one such notice, is one of the notice boards we didn't see). So he asked:

"So, what's the solution?"

Even as we were thinking of suggesting that he cancel the test and give average marks, he took out an A4 sheet and started writing question. Even as he was writing, I was realizing the impending disaster. The problem he was writing, though had been covered in the class, I didn't had any clue as that was the only class I had to leave in the middle owing to stomach problems. I turned the pages and started trying to understand how to do it. As I had coped it from Suman recently, I didn't get ant time to understand it. So I murmured to Suman, asking how the solution was obtained. He hushed back saying something I couldn't get. I started getting frightened. By then he completed the question in addition to another question on Hill's Model. He took out two sets of three A4 Sheets and gave it to us after stapling them. Then he gave me Re. 1 coin and told me to get the question paper Xeroxed, find a convenient room, and submit the answer script after 1 hour.

We were delighted. I was particularly delighted as I was clueless regarding the exam. So we went to ME-307 and took 2 seats near the window. I told Suman to do question no. 1 and started doing question no. 2 myself. It took us approximately 1 hr 15 mins to complete our part. Then I went to check out if Prof. Dhang was still there.

To our delight, he had left. So we completed the exam in approximately 2 hours and submitted the answer-script in his locker. But there was trouble on collision course. At that very moment, approximately 4:45pm, we realized that we have a test starting in 1 hour, which we haven't prepared at all. So we rushed back to our rooms to mug up everything we could. We left for the examination after half an hour of study, i.e. around 5:30pm.

The question paper was very tricky, and I answered as much as I could. Later, I return to enjoy a special dinner (the day being a Tuesday), a particularly hectic day.

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Hahaha. .... found this gem suddenly. What a time!