Thursday, May 12, 2005


One of the memorable things about our visit to Bangalore was our bus travel from Whitefield to Vydehi Circle (the GE's bus stop). We changed bus in O-form to reach the destination both ways.

Everytime we boraded a bus (from Vydehi or Whitefield), we heard the conductor shouting:


We first thought that it means "hurry up" in Kannada. But later we found out that it was actually a famous place, which by chance, is the destination of bus going from both ways to O-form intersection.

So we understood what it meant, but were reluctant to leave its initial meaning. So we took up this word to man "Hurry up" between ourselves. So whenever we have to ask anybody to hurry up, we say "Kadagudi".

I have decided that I will take this word to KGP and look for its acceptance. I feel skeptical, as very few people will be able to appreciate this, only those who went to O-Form intersection in Bangalore.

Another such word I feel taking back home is "Core Load".

The history of this word is that in GE, whenever the IT person had to format the machine to install fresh OS, he says:

"I need to Core Load the machine".

We all found this amusing and took this also in our daily language. It gives another opportunity of culture exchange between GE and IITKGP and offers better promise as compared to Kadagudi as the word is regionally unbiased. Who knows someday they both will make it to the IIT Kharagpur Dictionary.

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