Monday, May 16, 2005

This Is Heaven

One of best things I liked about living in Whitefield is the food here. Here I, along with many of my friends have done a mess contract with a restaurant named "Mayuri Sagar" which is located just around the Whitefield Main Bus Stop. Here are the details of the arrangements.

We have to pay Rs. 600/- advance for 30 meals. As it is 30 meals not thirty days, we may wish to eat anywhere else without any money getting lost. Taking an average, it is quite easy to see that it takes Rs. 20 per meal, which is very cheap as compared to Bangalore rates.

In the food, we have one sabji, a cup of dal (cereals) and the following options to choose from:

1) 5 Rotis
2) 3 Rotis and a bowl full of Rice
3) 3 Parathas
4) Veg Fried Rice
5) Egg Fried Rice
6) Chicken Fried Rice

The food we eat is chosen daily by us from the menu card of the restaurant; hence we are never forced to eat anything we don't want. Our selection range is the whole menu card sans two vegetarian dishes whose cost is shown to be Rs. 25/-. The ones we can choose are all vegetarian dishes (approximately 15 choices) that are shown to cost Rs. 15/- or Rs. 20/-. Also, we can take all egg dishes (all of them cost under Rs. 20/-) and two chicken dishes (although chicken is allowed once in two days).

Also the food is North Indian with excellent preparations. As we eat in the restaurant, we get to eat fresh and warm food every time.

The only problem we feel is that as we eat in the restaurant, we have to wait for approximately half an hour for the preparations. Also, we first had problem with the food being too spicy in the beginning, but now as he knows us, he makes less spicy food.

To me it feels,


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