Saturday, May 14, 2005

Life @ Padabnabh Nagar

On reaching Vishesh Bhaiya's home, I found that he lives in a rented flat with his wife Shruti. When I reached there, his mother was also present. Shruti Bhabhi quickly offered me breakfast.

Just after completing the breakfast, my father called and enquired whether I have get the new SIM card. I hadn't enquired about it an unfortunately when I enquired, I found out that he hadn't got it yet. I somehow managed to convince Papa that everything is under control. Soon afterwards, Vishesh Bhaiya left for the Airtel office to get two SIM cards, as he wanted one for himself also. In the meantime, I chatted with Shruti Bhabhi and her mother-in-law on various topics. She showed me some of her articles that got published in the newspapers and they were really good.

We had chicken for lunch, which was well prepared. In the evening we watched the movie "Mujhse Shadi Karogi" which was "OK" sorts. We had Chat for dinner.

Next day after eating another stomach full of chicken curry, I left at around 5 pm.

I had to wait approximately 15 minutes before I got the bus (Bus No. 15A). The bus dropped me in KR Market, where something happened what I feared. I found myself totally lost in the market without any clue where to go and which bus to take. I asked as many as 10 different people but the answers they gave were inconsistent and inaccurate. I couldn't even read Kannada so I had no chance of reading anything written on the buses. I didn't even knew where to go as there were as many as 6 exits from the Bus Stop. Even more unfortunate was the fact that when I came here from Whitefield, the bus stopped in a street nearby which obviously wasn't in the bus route.

Eventually after struggling for nearly 15 minutes, I saw a bus (Bus No. 319B) with ITPL written on it. I jumped in without haste. On enquiring later I found that it would go through O-Form. I also came to knw that Bus No 320 goes to Whitefield directly. This was sufficient. The bus travel took eight rupees up to O-Form as it was a longer route, but I had no problem with such minor changes. I reached back Whitefield to find that Vikas arriving at approximately the same time as mine.

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