Friday, May 13, 2005

Travel to Vishesh Bhaiya

While I planned to go to Bangalore, my parents insisted that I take a SIM Card there. I opposed the idea as I felt there is no need for a new SIM as the current reliance SIM was working fine. But they were adamant and I had to bow. But I forced the condition on them that they will have to find a SIM, as I won't be having any local proof of identity.

They worked around the problem nicely by suggesting that I collect it form Vishesh Bhaiya (younger brother of Manisha Bhabhi). They found out his phone number and address from her and asked him to get one SIM from me. He agreed. I was supposed to collect it from him after going to Bangalore.

So here was I in Bangalore on 4th, with a settled life and nothing to worry about. So I called him up on his cell no. I reached Shruti Bhabhi (obviously his wife) and she told me that Bhaiya is not there and will be getting the SIM card on his back to office.

I had no hurries. My job at JFWTC left me with little time to visit the city during the night and I also learnt that it would be atleast a one and half-hour journey. So I told them to have the card and keep it till I collect it the coming weekend. Shruti Bhabhi insisted that I stay at their place for the weekend, which I was not sure to accept or not at that moment. So I borrowed some time.

Later when I told about the phone call to my father, he was very upset by the fact that the SIM card hasn't been purchased till now, but I calmed him by saying that it would have reached their place my now.

On Friday again, I called Bhaiya to find Bhabhi again with the same promise that he will be bringing it today. This time I was also taken aback. I didn't knew to trust her or not, and I showed my discontent. She told me to relax and I conveyed that I will be coming to their place on Saturday morning, to which she requested that I do it early and have breakfast with them. I accepted the offer.

Next morning I woke up early, and after having a bath proceeded for their home. I had enquired about the route and was told by Ishwar Singh (the owner of Kothari Complex) that I will have to get down at KR Market and its a very short journey from there. The place will be some 23 kilometres and it will be less than 2 kms from thereon. Shruti Bhabhi gave a slightly different account by saying that KR Market is about 7 kms from their place. As she herself was not sure, I decided to first reach KR Market and then decide on further conveyance. Ishwar Singh told me that 90% of the buses going towards Marathalli go to KR Market and it looked true as I boarded the first bus arriving. The conductor enquired my destination to which I replied "KR Market". He took 7 rupees. It was a bit surprising as inside Whitefield it took approximately Rs. 2/- per km and here he's asking even less that 0.5. The journey was very long (approximately 14kms taking 1.5 hrs) but comfortable as I got a convenient seat. I found out that everybody refers KR Market by saying "Market". I wondered if it’s the main market of the city.

On reaching there, I knew I was lost. I had no idea as to which bus to take, as I couldn't read what was written on them, and to add to the confusion, there were more than 6 ways out of market. I had to take help from locals, to which a gentleman suggested that I take Bus No. 15 to reach Padabnabh Nagar. I had no idea how big the place was as Vishesh Bhaiya's address also included the line "RK Swamy Layout" in it, which by itself can by a big place. But no one had any idea and I decided to first reach Padabnabh Nagar first.

I waited for the bus at the required place for approximately 15 minutes, but no Bus No. 15 came. I got frustrated and decided to take an Auto-rickshaw instead. I told the Auto-Rickshaw driver where I wanted to go. He insisted on going by Meter, as he was not very sure of the address. He even asked another Auto driver to confuse me even further by saying:

"There's no RK Swamy layout in Padabnabh Nagar. There is RPC Layout."

This was bad news for me. I had no option, but to make a call to Bhaiya to enquire about his residence. I found out that he himself is new to the place and doesn't have any idea of KR Market. He confirmed that its RK Swamy Layout and suggested that I take an Auto to Hill Side Hospital as I am confused. But I didn't like the idea, as his residence being 7 kms from Market would convert to at least Rs. 80/- for Auto-Rickshaw travel. But I had my options running out. Fortunately this time, luck was on my side.

As soon as I walked out of STD PCO to catch an auto, I saw a bus numbered 15A come and stop behind it. The auto-rickshaw driver saw me with confused eyes as I went behind the auto to catch the bus. The next part of the journey was very pleasant as I enquired to my delight that Padabnabh Nagar is the last stop. I got a window seat and I waited patiently for the journey to end. Around half an hour later, some 8 kms from Market, I saw a sight that caught me cold. I saw a building named "Hillside Hospital" whoosh past by the bus. I jumped to my feet immediately and made for the gate. Fortunately for me, the bus stopped just 100m from that place.

I called Bhaiya from Hill Side Hospital, only to find that he lives just behind it. I heaved a sigh of relief as soon as I reached his home.

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