Monday, March 21, 2005


Sunday was as peaceful as can be, except for the planned treat at night.

The treat was again cancelled(not postponed) due to illness of one of the chief guests! I half expected it. What I feel is that it was still the other chief guests' mysterious illness that persuaded the other chief guest to say it. Anyway, I have decided that further treat will be a strict NO from my side.

Poor WickC! He still thinks it to be true. And I feel sorry for what a bad day he had. Losing the competition, not being able to attend the lectures, treat cancelled, no reservation available for Holi, and on top of it the chance of his only sister's marriage in the middle of End-Sems.

The highlight of Sunday was the debugging of my good old Third Year Project, the bug of which has been elusive for the last 2 months! I decided to give the program another try in a desparate attempt to show it to my Guide. I put in some flags inside the code that will get printed to show the progress of the program. To my surprise the program worked!

I retried removing the flags, and the program crashed as usual. So I have to live with a creepy flag (a variable that gets printed actually), that is useless in the program code. I started with my further work on it to extend the capabilities further into the 'Graphics domain'.

Today (Monday) was another peaceful day. Only 2 lectures owing to cancellation of lectures by Prof. Ramanujam and unavailability of Prof. Maity.

Prof. Dhang assumed villainous role today by giving an assignment that required a lot of tedious and repitative work. It was a real horror.

I have decided to visit Jamshedpur with Ankur during the Holi vaccations. But the sad part is our beloved Bhabhiji will not be available as she is going to her mother's place. Let's expect that Sonu bhaiya is atleast present.

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