Friday, March 18, 2005

ResPecK fully

I love Fridays.

In the morning I get Uttapams to eat (the only breakfast I look forward to!), in the lunch I have Kadhi-Chawal (I love that too). The snacks and dinner are off, for which I today had 3 boiled eggs, and the usual Chicken Biryani for dinner. But the difference this time was that it was a treat from Nasir for getting his summer training at Saskan, Bangalore. He must have been very hurt when I refused his treat last time. He isn't (well actually nobody is) used to people refusing treat unless it relates to girls.

Thanks and sorry, Nasir.

I again wasted my evening today doing nothing. I actually don't even remember what I did while its hardly 6 hours past!

Today was RK's hall day "ResPecK" and was associated with too much chaos. First thanks to Addy, who put up his status inviting people to RK Hall, with all the people firing him for switching sides. He was also about to miss treat given by Palokee who got app. in Ohio University and some other university also.

Whether deliberately or not, the name ResPecK first appears like RP's Hall day rather than RK's!

I went to RK Hall for the sake of my friend WickC who was very happy to receive us as he was lonely with nobody coming to his place. We bhatted for a while after which Swati came (but Sneha nahi aayi). We bhatted again for a while after which I played the Sajjad Ali prank on Swati and directed WickC to take the photograph on the right moment. WickC did a great job, but fortunately for Swati, her hand came in the way of camera, saving grace! Addy was bit late to come and it was learned that the treat included 35 people! LS must have doubled its sale today. I must have hurt WickC today by circulating the love letter by Irodov to him! I hope he doesn't mind, but something tells me that he will feel hurt but won't say anything.

Later we went to Vikas Chandan's room who was busy preparing notices to be put up in all the Halls, etc. for Brahmakumari's work, while Saurabh Gupta and Dibyendu Konar were relaxing.

Poor chap!

He's invited us (me and Suman) to the Brahmakumari's function today and tomorrow, but I think he also knows what to expect.

Tomorrow Suman's parents are coming. Let's see what tomorrow has in store for me.

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