Saturday, March 12, 2005

Remembering The Past

Yes, the treat was cancelled. Sneha being the culprit. She was indisposed. I have heard many times of people getting indisposed on the pretext of giving treats, but this was the first case on receiving treat!

Initially I couldn't understand why on earth were we having a treat on thursday as on friday, both RP and SN have an off-day. But I was convinced by the fact that all people aren't like me! All weekends are booked for Hall-Days and they didn't want to miss any by going to the treats. Thursday swimming went quite eventless except for the fact that I developed strain near my ankle. But still, I again failed to do a 20m at a stretch. Oh God, the wait is painfully long.

Back from swimming I had to complete my CFW assignment on Rolling process. Although it was a solved example in a book, it had to be done on my own as the results used in the book were not derieved in the lecture class.

Later in the evening I went to Billoo's for dinner and ordered my usual Chicken Biryani. It was great. After dinner, I went to Chhota Tengra to collect my photographs that I had requested developing and printing. I seemed to finally like someone's work on my photographs. All the shop-owners of photography shop at Tech-Market don't do their work seriously. Here I got developing for Rs.15/- and printing on 6''x4'' @ Rs.4/- each. The prints also came good. In addition to that he gave a free album to hold the photographs.

On my way back, I met Avik Sarkar, Siddhartha Talapatra and Co. near Puri Gate and they asked me if I would like a booze. I plainly refused. Were they serious or not cannot be said for certain, but it is sure that they also decided otherwise and came with me to Tech Market where we separated. They had to buy Cold Drinks and I had to do Laundry stuff and a bit of shopping for the rainy day ahead. The rains lashed when we least expected it to and continued well into saturday as I write.

Going through the album, I can't help remembering all the good old moments I had spent with my friends. Starting from my trip to Indore(Photo with Shaunak, Supriya and Amrita. Anushree can't even hold the camera still while taking a photograph) to our own Home's House Warming ceremony. I remember spending time on the gate with Neha and Rolly, and can't help feeling sad for Neha who lost her mother just a month ago. I hope she could concentrate well for her JAM paper and passes with good marks. There is no use hoping anything for Rolly as she has a reputation of messing everything around. At best I hope she doesn't land into any trouble.

Then I remember the Nehli treat photographs followed by SF photographs. The photograph with Addy should have been taked from a closer distance. I remember Richard Stallman's publicity stunts at Kshitij and then my GE treat to the wing. The Saraswati Puja photographs went bad due to bad light. Then comes the Hall Day Photograph with Addy, Sneha, Swati and WickC. Swati seemed to be dozing off even at 10pm. But her smile is contagious for sure. Sneha on the other hand was wearing a beaming smile (Teeth Count = 32.00) that went well with her white dress. Addy and WickC seemed to be wearing fake smiles (I don't think that I was putting too much weight on them causing them pain!). WickC ordered the Hall Day photograph for remembering the good old days, while Addy on the other hand knew his limitations with such stuffs and decided to have the scan only as he would lose the photograph. I am a bit annoyed with the photographer who didn't print the first photo with my Bhopal friends.

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bhai saab!!! i think you have turned into Ambuj time table .
neways keep it up .