Sunday, March 13, 2005

JKR Rocks

Saturday had been quite eventless for me to write much about. With the swimming pool closed (actually it opens only for the morning slot), I had not much choice left. So I settled for another of my favourite time-pass.


I had finished half of Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire before and then I didn't resume it for a while. Looked like some 2 weeks. So yesterday I took it back out of my shelf and completed it.

I must say that if there is some author who can write for the delight of chilren and adults alike, she is J.K. Rowling. All through her 4 novels I had mis-guessed the suspense. Here too in HP&GOF I couldn't imagine that Mad-Eye was infact Barty Crouch. And that Cedric would die.

I don't know if the movie makers have done anything about this novel because it will be a tough challenge to make a movie out of it.

First, it is very long book. Even in a time frame of 3 hours I believe it is not possible to squeeze the whole book in. If they do, they are going to miss on a lot of important events.

Secondly, the book is sad ending. As Harry Potter movies are traditionally for children (a contrast against the book, which although aims primarily at children gets well with the elders also), it will be wrong to show them sad ending stuff.

Well, we can give them a break. Walt Disney Corp does it all the time! But they are bound by the script. I don't know exactly what's for store in Order of Phoenix, but someone told me that Sirius Black will die. Obviously when one is writing about dark magic, something gruesome is inevitable.

I have also started reading Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, and mind you its seriously gripping. I am being forced to shorten my blog as I have to continue reading it.

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