Thursday, March 17, 2005

I can't catch cancer

I read an article today that taking tomato sauce in your food reduces the chance of getting Pancreas Cancer. This looks like a good news to me considering my great love for the same. I hope that the study extends the same results for other forms of cancer so that I can be assured of a healthy life.

Today was also the viva of Forming lab and I did pretty well, getting AA grade. I wasn't expecting it as I debated with the research scholars over their definition and conceptualization of Slipping and Sticking Friction. One thing that struck me most is that as soon as I entered the viva room, a research scholar asked,

"Are you from Bhopal?"

I was amazed and said "Yes", but kept minding my own business to not ask how he knew. Looks like he's also from Bhopal, but i don't remember seeing him anywhere.

There can't be any confusion over Prof. S.K. Pal's memory. He seems to remember the name of all students of the batch, a rare feat considering the only other person with such memory is Prof. Ramanujam who have been seeing all of us since 1st year.

WickC seems to be breaking all the shakles that restrain him from becoming a "Devdas". He has started acting like a 'majnoo' since the last few days, and seeing his blogs only heightens the fear. The hints in the blog is so clear that if by any chance she reads it, she will know for certain that its written about her. God help him.

Suman and Nasir can't seem to gather enough tempo to go to swimming. They haven't been to swimming in the last one week! According to Nasir : "It no longer solves the purpose."

I wonder what the purpose was and how was it fulfilled in the last sem.

Yesterday I got a mail from JBNSTS regarding this summer's Talent Enrichment Programme. They are going to Bangalore this time and what better opportunity can I have to join them being in Bangalore myself. I replied immediately saying that I can join them only on the weekends of 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th. Lets see if they allow me. Suman pointed out a good (I am not sure if its good or not) possibility that myself being available only on weekends when most of the institutions will be closed, I will be joining them only for picnics and fun. But the trouble is that I might be the only one from my batch and hence might feel lonely.

Vikas Chandan's GE training has been confirmed. He's got the letter and got his replacement in the form of Shailesh Chandrol. Chandrol's stars are high.

I haven't been to Carlos since the last 2 weeks and now I feel that I won't miss it any anymore.

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