Thursday, March 10, 2005

Of Seminars and Labs

I couldn't write blog or go swimming yesterday due to a particularly hectic day today. We had to write two practicals for the forming lab and in addition to them prepare a 5 minute seminar for IC Engine Lab Part.

The rest went eventlessly except for the Seminar, as most of you might have already guessed. Mine was the first group to present the Seminar. Our topic was "Electronic Fuel Injection(EFI)". I was to speak for 2.5 minutes, and Suman for the rest. I would say my greatest success was not getting inturrepted in between as many others had to suffer this fate. I went a bit fast with my part as I had to cover the parts of "Need for EFI", "Parts of EFI" and "Advantages / Disadvantages", but overall I was satisfied from my part. Aditya made a mistake of showing a wrong flow direction and the rest is history. On pointing it out, he lost his contnuity and in addition to it, lost some precious time. He deserved better. Rituraj's was a complete mess. It looked like he was news-reading! Shashi Bhushan seemed to be forcing an accent and was terribly slow to get to the point.

Everything was going alright until everything stopped. When all were finished with their presentations, Prof. Ramanujam came to the stage to give a shock. "It was the most rotten seminar I have ever seen in my whole life. You people don't care to understand what is required from the topic that you were supposed to talk on". I found it very much true. He told us that if we are to give a 5 minute seminar, we have to have 1 minute of material and 4 minutes for explaining. We didn't do that. In addition to it, we never gave time for others to understand what we say.

Abhimanyu nahi sudherega. Even after repeatedly riminding about his ill-manners, he still refuses to learn and coughs on people's faces. Someday this is going to land him into trouble as I am sure that most people will find him mannerless.

Today I was supposed to go out on a treat, but someone fell ill. Let's see if the treat stands.

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