Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dhang Zindabad

Another day nears end as I write. Yesterday I had a fantastic day at the swimming pool, but I couldn't go today. This is because my Bio-mechanics professor Nirjhar Dhang decided to take an extra class at the end of his usual 2 hour lecture. We all were outraged, but couldn't do anything. But soon things turned out to be different as after the first hour, he offered Tea and Biscuits to all, and instead of usual 10 minutes break, gave a half an hour one! And after taking another one hour, he gave away snack packets for all. Hence, we had only 2 hour class overall and got so many benefits. Maybe I don't regret missing my swimming.

Vikas didn't come to Bio-mechanics class today. He had his GE interview. If he gets selected, he will be getting Rs.30,000/- for working for 3 months training. Although he deserves this, I feel sorry for the students who got better training than that alloted, but couldn't change because of reluctance of our T&P Incharge. I sometimes feel that the T&P Incharge post is more suited for Prof. Souvik Bhattacharyya rather than Suman Chakraborty. The former is a lot jollier and a lot more helpful than the latter.

Vivek still is sad about something and my gut feeling is that its because of Prasoon issue. He can't seem to forgive himself for hurting his dear friend. He's too sensitive.

Today we experienced super-sonic teaching in our Applied Thermodynamics class. Prof. Ramgopal was in so much hurry and speaking at so much speed that I seemed to feel that there are sonic booms coming out of his mouth. He gave an assignment which none of us has any clue how to do. He didn't even give complete data for the problem(We are expected to find it over the internet).

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