Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Out of Dark Ages

2 days without LAN. Life starts looking like the good old dark ages! Thanks to a failed UPS, RP Hall was again thrown into the dark ages for two days. I had to visit RK Hall to check my mails.

The rains continue to lash KGP everyday. This creates a bit of coolness temporarily, but the next day this is compensated by an abnormally active sun.

Today we had the Fluid Machinery Class Test. But looking at the question Paper, one starts to wonder whether we are attempting JEE again! The whole question paper was based upon the long forgotten JEE funda, and had little to do with the course being studied by us. We were expected to solve Navier-Stokes Equation with all sorts of complexities with the clocks ticking death by the second. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the light goes out and the test is declared to be over.

Today I am expecting a treat again, but this time from Vikas Chandan. Let's see if it holds as he is having Viral Fever. He hasn't come to class since the last 2 days, but turned up for the class test.

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